November 27th-30th, 2017

Join the world's top experts as they reveal their endurance training secrets


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Join thousands of coaches and athletes over four days as our hand-picked team of world-class endurance experts dig deep to share their best tips, tricks, strategies, and hacks to help you leave your competition in the dust.


There's no fluff, no excessive theory...just real world strategies from the world's top thinkers that improve running performance — FAST!


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World Endurance Summit brings you front line access to the world's top endurance experts as they reveal their training secrets


We've brought together some of the world's top endurance training experts to share their success strategies for improving performance at every level from novice to professional.

Dr. Joe Vigil

USATF Legend Coach and Coach of 22 Olympians

60 Years of Endurance Coaching: What I Have Learned

Steve Magness

Head Cross Country Coach, University of Houston and Author of Peak Performance and The Science of Running

"Elite" Training Tactics That EVERY Marathoner Can Use

Luke Humphrey

Member of Hansons-Brooks Distance Project and Owner & Head Coach, Hanson's Coaching Services

Running Your First Marathon: A Field Guide

Adharanand Finn

Author of Running with the Kenyans and The Way of the Runner

What Kenyans Do That We Don't: Key Lessons From The World's Most Successful Endurance Athletes

Richard Blagrove​​​​

Course Leader and Senior Lecturer for BSc Sport and Exercise Science, Birmingham City University

Strength and Conditioning For Endurance Runners

Dr. Shona Halson

Senior Physiologist, Head of Recovery, Australia Institute of Sport

Sleep: The Most Underrated Performance Enhancer?

Dr. Bruce Williams

Breakthrough Sports Performance, Weil Foot & Ankle Institute

How to Avoid Stress Fractures (And How To Recover Fast If You Have One!)

Drew Wartenburg

Coach & Founder of NorCal Distance Project and former Head Coach, Cross Country and Track & Field, UC Davis

How to Transition Your Coaching From College to Pro Level

Ricky Soos

2004 800m Olympic Semi-Finalist and Elite Middle Distance Coach, Altis

Coaching the Elite Middle Distance Runner

Robyn Pester

High Performance Physiotherapist, Owner of Robyn Pester PT and Creator of

Why Most People Breathe Wrong- And How It's Slowing You Down!

Mark Lacianca

Head Track and Cross Country Coach, Unionville High School

Cross-Training For Endurance Athletes: Why (and How) To Use It In Your Program

Nic Bideau

Head Coach, Melbourne Track Club; Coached 16 runners to the 2016 Rio Olympics

Training Camps: How To Boost Performance While Away From Home

Drew Wartenburg

Coach & Founder of NorCal Distance Project and former Head Coach, Cross Country and Track & Field, UC Davis

How to Transition Your Coaching From College to Pro Level

Join these experts for tips, tricks and strategies to run faster for longer

Surround yourself with real pros. World Endurance Summit gives you access to top experts all at once — they will demystify advanced training techniques, dissect their most powerful lessons, and dive into real-life examples. Whether you are an endurance coach, athlete, or parent of an athlete, you will gain practical strategies that you can apply to your training immediately.

Slash your learning curve with real experts

Most coaches and athletes spend years trying to “figure it out” — and settle for a fraction of the success they deserve. Why waste time experimenting when you can learn directly from those at the top of their game? Our hand-picked endurance training experts will teach you what really works, even if you’re starting from scratch — and take your training to the next level.

Insights for everyone from beginner to seasoned pro

Our experts dig deep to give you their best ideas — ones you can implement whether you’re brand new to the endurance world or you’re a seasoned pro. They will challenge your thinking and shed light on both old and new concepts. The best in the field know that constant growth and learning is what leads to results and WES is packed with layer upon layer of insight!

Learn from the very best

Many of our experts don’t normally do this type of thing...BUT you can learn from them at World Endurance Summit, meaning you’ll get rare access to a unique group of thought leaders all at once. They share their biggest successes (and biggest failures) so you can use what works — and totally avoid what doesn't!


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Most conferences cost hundreds (even thousands) of dollars, but attending our online conference allows you to gain access to this high-quality information for FREE! Claim your spot now to get access to free streaming of sessions for four days, from November 27th-30th.


Attend from anywhere

This summit is 100% virtual — there is no flight or hotel room to book...saving you money and time away from your family and work. All you need is an internet connection for instant access to the experts.

Watch at your convenience

The sessions will be available online to view at your own pace. You will be able to watch each session over a 24-hour period, when you won't need to worry about missing a session!


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 Roger White

Roger is a USATF certified coach and math teacher from Rochester Hills, MI, USA. He has coached high school cross country and track & field for eight years. With a background in sprinting, Roger stumbled upon an opportunity to coach distance runners five years ago and sought out learning opportunities from top endurance coaches.

Roger also works as a sports massage therapist, having worked on the 2016 US Olympic Trials medical teams for marathon and track and field. Roger was also part of the medical team for the Diamond League Prefontaine Classic and was selected to be part of the medical team for the USATF 2017 Thorpe Cup. 

Roger is launching World Endurance Summit to give coaches and runners of all levels greater access to some of the world's top experts in endurance.

Gain access to the premier free online endurance running event!